Talkback: Dead frogs

I have not seen any frogs in my garden yet but they must be alive and well as the heron who visits from nearby countryside is arriving every morning to hunt for them. They have to move for him to spot them. Sometimes they wriggle and escape and i have three-legged frogs hopping about the garden.


  • I haven't seen any dead frogs in our newish wildlife pond but suspect there may be.
    We have however lost all 4 huge Koi carp that we've had for about 10 years.
    We've had them since they were very small. One was left in the pond when the previous rsidents left. He was only about one and a half inches long and we bought 3 others to keep him company.
    They have happily survived 10 winters with a floating polystyrene gadget to keep an area clear of ice and allow the exchange of stale and fresh air.
    While not exactly wildlife, we were gutted. One of them even remembered from year to year how to bang the automatic feeder to obtain food! So much for fish having a short memory!
  • I have fished out three dead frogs one adult and two young, which is quite worrying, I have also lost five fish of various sizes.
  • I am now living in Holland, and this year when the ice on the canals melted, the canals were littered with floating dead fish and frogs. A great shock to most people as we have had frozen canals often. Strangely enough the ice this year never got thick enough to host the intercity skating marathons on the canals, but for some reason was bad enough for the fish to die.
  • I couldn't buy a ball when the harsh weather came, so I used a plastic bottle with a little water in. It worked a treat.
  • No dead frogs...but no frogs at all from before the winter set in. Asking around the neighbours they havn't seen any either.
  • We have a NGS garden in the Yellow book.We are wildlife friendly and use no chemicals in the garden. You mentioned that you had fostered some frog. Please where could I get some. Wer have had many frogs but they have been dwindling away. Only saw one last year. There was much spawn in the pond last year but it was gone within a day or two. I wondered whether the carp ate it.
    I would also like to have more hedgehogs.
  • We have had temp of -15 our lake and indeed the stream have been very frozen but last saturday we found frogspawn!from north devon
  • I just found 6 dead adult frogs in my lovely wildlife pond.

    Very distressing but this blog is a godsend. I know that other frogs can recolonize. Maybe others have survived?

    At least I know what to do next time to avoid this.

    Thank you
  • Sofar two dead frogs and dead fish. The pond took too long to thaw oout. I have also sen live frogs so where there is life there is hope.
  • Many dead fish but so far no sign of ailing frogs. Does anyone know of a way I can attract hedgehogs to my garden. I have been told that because there are badgers living in the area, they will eat the hedgehogs, hence their non appearance - but I am trying to make my garden badger proof as I have tall, thick Yew hedges.Any suggestions?
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