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Cosmos plants look healthy, green and tall but no flowers yet. I have fed them with a regular general feed. Is this wrong or where have I gine wrong??





  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Do they have flower buds, at least?

    When did you sow the seeds?

  • one or two flower buds, plant put out in May. Father in law grew seeds prior to May. The were about6" tall when I planted them out

  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058

    If they are planted in 1. too much shade they will not flower well, or 2. too rich/good a soil they will grow bigger but at the expense of flowers. Treat them mean, dont feed, they'll eventually do their thing. J.

  • I put plenty of feed/nutrients into the soil as it was a new bed, in a sunny area. I shall feed no more. Thank you

  • mine have been terrible this year.. first year ever.. and i mean ever.. that i have not had byshy plants covered in flowers.. i dunno why.the soil and everything is the same as always.

  • Jayne5Jayne5 Posts: 23

    I have had the same problem, always grown Cosmos with great results but this year they have either shrivelled up and died, or those that have lived look very sad and not flowering well at all, despite doing nothing different from previous years.  Oh well, try again next year!

  • yes jayne.. will always grow them.. but not so many sseeds to gather this year.. might have to buy some for next year.image

  • fred#60fred#60 Posts: 58

    I`d agree on the poor results this year, i actually pulled mine out last week, keep a close eye on them this year though as i noticed the wasps were destroying the main stem for food or nesting material

  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,339

    Mine have done quite well this year and have made some much needed large (4') plants in my new beds while all the new shrubs & perennials are so small. 

    I sowed mine outdoors quite late (mid April I think), pinched them out a couple of times and didn't plant them out until late June. Some have been flowering well for a few weeks while a few are still in bud. I deliberately grew them this way so that they would flower later after a lot of the early - mid summer stuff has gone over.

    Perhaps some of the problems people are having are with earlier sowings which may have been blighted with the prolonged cold start we had this year? The weather generally may also not have helped earlier, larger plants. Very hot and very dry then heavy rain for some. We have had some rain here but not loads & I am still watering newly planted beds on a regular basis.

    On the subject of seed collecting (gardeningfanatic) - do cosmos come true from seed? I have a couple of plants which have produced particularly attractive colours or shaded petals this year - so I wondered if it was worth collecting their seed?

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  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    Mine are only just showing signs of flowering .   The leaves  dont look as healthy as usual , . a bit dry and brown patches


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