I haven't got room for a greenhouse, but would like somewhere to put seedlings, protect half hardies and perhaps grow some tomatoes.  I'd be grateful for any tips about things to consider, and any particular makes you can recommend.  Thank you!




  • I can't help you happycottontail but I'm responding here so it bumps this back up the list in the hope that someone will see it and can help you

  • Thanks Heather - what a kind thought!  I was just wondering about reposting and leaving out the word 'polycarbonate'!

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    Hi, happycottontail,

    I'd recommend a four shelved plastic grow house, it's ideal for growing seedlings and the shelves can be removed if you wan to grow toms.

  • Wow - some advice at last!  Thanks Z!

  • yay it worked image

  • Thanks again Heather.  I have also put up a new post that doesn't include the word 'polycarbonate', but so far no reaction!

  • You think that the word polycarbonate might be scaring people off?! I don't know about that but I hope you get the answers you're looking for. 

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    Hi happycottontail

    There are so many shapes and designs for grow-houses and mini-greenhouses that a hundred people would have a hundred opinions. Browse the net for mini-greenhouses, leaf through one or two of the gardening magazines or walk around a bigger garden ventre and see what takes your fancy.

    They can be pricy though.

    But I would not go for the floppy plastic type, they only last a couple of years and can be damaged easily.

    In the end it's a personal choice and what works for me might not work for you.

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    A store on line...'' have a really good sale on at present and sell small grow houses and lean too's at reasonable prices. Check them out and if there's anything you think will suit, post back. I'm sure posters will be able to tell you the pro's and con's for each type.

  • Peter, I could do all those things you suggested if I had more time!  But I was hoping for some quicker pointers!

    Zoomer, thank you for providing me with a great one!  image  I didn't know about, but the site looks really promising.

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