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What have you achieved in the garden after a bad day at work?

After what has felt like a whole summer of no sun, too much rain and no motivation for gardening what with work commitments as well, one day last week i finally tackled a section of the garden which has been bugging me for weeks.

The oregano has had too much of a stranglehold in this one section, i decided, and so even though the autumn/winter period would have downsized it for me the time had come, after frustration from work colleagues, to attack this fragrant, sprawling mass of gold leafed, hover bee covered herb.

With the oregano cut by half but still looking natural and attracting the bees, this spurred me on to finish the rest of this section, in terms of preparation for planting by digging over, weeding, putting down ground cover matting and trying out a blue slate top layer (which contrasts nicely with the oregano, heuchera and camillia amongst others in this area).

So after stagnating for ages due to lack of inspiration, it was a bad day at work that finally got me out doors again and back to stage where i am going back through old gardeners world magazines looking for planting ideas, checking this website and overall feeling much more positive about my own bit of green heaven.

Whilst i am not confident enough to post any pictures of my work in progress image, i am interested in any similar stories anyone might have with or without pictures!


somerset steve



  • get back in the garden and create your own world.You ll have plenty of mistakes and moments to treasure.Eveyone s plot of land is their creation .Inspire from others and look at how others have done but follow what you think.I have just retired and now find the joy of being in my garden and watching things come to frution .Enjoy your gardening the best de-stresser ,goodluck.image

  • agree with every thing flowering rose said. just enjoy.

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    A little but often works for me image

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    Hi Steve ill settle for how to bet good oregano as its one of the herbs were planting in the new herb garden for next year up the allotment   soil type time to plant , position watering any info is good and appreciated good luck Alanimage

  • Hi Steve, I had a similar day today, I've managed to get into the corner which WAS behind the shed before we took the shed down!

    It's one of my favorite parts, there where loads of bricks and rotted panels I've cleared away to our "need to sort" pile, we've left a patch for the frogs to hide under and the hedgehogs to go hunting for slugs in!

    Then naturally once you pop you can't stop so I gradually worked my way round through the herbs and I'm still dead heading roses, there's no weeds left in thhe beds and the Ivy is back in the hedge and not all over the grass, it's all good prep for next years raised bed project

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  • Just dug out a tree of heaven thinking of replacing it with a camellia marvelous gets to autumn and I start back in the garden after a lousy summer    image

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