I would like some advice please I emailed the councellor about the road sweepers who doesnt sweep our cul de sac he said  its private land  

 nobody seems to clean the gutters which are full of leaves as most of us have hedges at the front of our houses  and its getting an eyesore  and when somebody cuts there hedge it all blows into my frontage when its windy I cant get down to sweep it all up  they are all younger than me 



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    I would contact the planning dept of your local council and see if it is an adopted road and ask them who is responsible for the upkeep of the road. If it is privately owned then you must be paying something to someone for the upkeep of the road....Are you new to the area - can you ask neighbours if this is an new problem , what has happened in the past? Are your bins collected from outside your property or from the end of the cul de sac where it meets the main road? Who is responsible for you water services?

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    Joyce, the questions Daintiness is asking are absolutely the right ones ,we are buying a house with very similar problems, its not that difficult to sort out so don't go worrying yourself, try to find the answers and come back ,when you bought the property this would have been noted and looked at by your solicitor, if that was too long ago or you cant remember it not a problem follow Daintiness ,s advise and no worries.if your not ( like me ) a computer person start with Cit,advice

  • Daintiness and alan

    Thanks for the reply I did contact the councellor who said its private land and we have to keep it clean I thought of putting posters in the neighbours doors 

    Ive lived here 11 years we do get our bins collected every week outside the house I cant ask the neighbours as they are all new as they are young first house buyers   I am not sure about water problems  should I ask my solicitor

    My brother works for the cit.advice ill ask him

    I am a computer person 

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    Actually I would ask your neighbours as if they have recently bought their properties the details of the private road and the upkeep will be fresh in their memories as it would have been brought up by their solicitors and in the search they would have had to do in order to purchase the property.

  • Daintiness

    No they are third buyers not new Ill have to ask  

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    I'm sorry Joyce. I don't understand. Are the houses in your road - council properties, housing association or privately owned?

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    But if they've recently bought the property (whether first time buyers or not) their solicitor will have done the Searches to find out who's responsible for such things. image

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  • Daintiness

     They are all private


    Thank you for the advice

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    Thanks Joyce, I would speak to your neighbours then as the points mentioned will have been talked through with them before they made their purchases. They should be aware of all services, suppliers, rights of way etc. Let us know how you get on image

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    Could you invite your neighbours to tea one weekend and then tactfully ask for help in clearing leaves and hedge clippings?  Point out that an unkempt road will detract from their properties if the place is weedy and untidy.

    Councils are not keen to adopt roads now-a-days as it costs them money.  I presume you have to pay for the upkeep of the road and pavements too.

  • welshonion

    No we dont have to pay to upkeep the pavement and road   I have emailed cit advice who will look into it if not ill phone my solicitor for free advice 

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    That is the crux of the thing.  Who looks after the repairs to the road and pavement, if required?  If the Council, then the road has been adopted.

    I would be interested to know if most people on this board have their roads swept, especially if they live in a cul-de-sac  Living in the country, we don't of course, and wouldn't expect it.  Though we have the dreaded grass cutter instead.

  • Welshonion

    I dont know what an adopted road is  also who pays for repairs I never thought of that so It looks as though I have to sort somthing out 


    Thanks for the advice  joyce

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    with things like this so often things arise that the norm has never heard off, our purchase going through is also on an unadopted road and everyone sorts things out between themselves,however our solicitor has found out half the road is a bridle path and ""its illegal to drive over one "" however nobody knows who owns it and its been driven over for over 70 years so it seems were ok as we need to go over it to get to our property, the cleaning and repair of the road is all shared and so forth,and luckily they are all obviously looking at there properties they are all keen Gardeners so are bound to be nice easy going neighbors (PLEASE)

    off to the car boooot Alan
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    All the issues you have raised should have been spotted by your solicitor when you were purchasing the property.  That's what 'Searches' are for.  First thing I would do is go straight back to them to ask why they didn't let you know.

    There is the potential for problems further along the line.  You may have lovely neighbours now but what happens if there is a major outlay required and one or more of them refuse to contribute to it?

  • If your street is unadopted then the council does not have to sweep it.  However if they are responsible for cleaning the drains as part of flood prevention.  I know because I have just got them to clean out ours.

  • KT 53  and Scott Barker Will contact my solicitor tomorrow 


    Thank you everyone for all this advice it needs to be sorted out 








  • we live up a lane which is privately owned by the house owners as it states on our deeds.. and we are all responsible for the bit the lenght of our property boundaries.. but also on our deeds is the fact the council have  excess to their proptery at the far end.. which they have since sold and kept their right of way for the council park vehicles.. we are fine with this..

    but three years ago they took down the private road signs and stuck up cycle track ones instead.. so now we have cyclists and dog walkers and everyone using our lane.. and not the council footpath at the front..we have had legal a battle with them over this for 3 years now.. they have claimed they have adopted it.. but when we asked for proper road surface instead of the farm lane we ave now which has huge pot holes in.. or for some street lights as it is pitch black on the council path on cliff side and pitch black up the lane at night.. and not safe walking with the holes..  they say it is a private road..

    But the worryin thing for us is what if a cyclist is hit when someone is coming out their drive.. we were told we were.... but when we argued that the land is classed as private land and they shouldnt be using it and we could do them for trespass... the council said.. no we have adopted it and public can use it.. we are going round in circles with them.. with no end in site.

    so OP check your deeds and titles and ask yr neighbours to do the same and i suggest as we did... have a neighourhood meeting and you can all discuss it.. and take the actions that are required or needed to sort it out.

  • i must also add.. we have no drains on our lane.. it floods continuously and only one very old poor light.. yet southern water are still chargin us for removal of road surface water.. which in our deeds says they can not charge us for.. when asked they stated they can charge as they take it away in our road drain and clean it out.. we have no road drains hence why they cant charge us.. it is literaly a bit of land left between the houses and railway line for access when built.. as the  front council path is footpath only..

    at the mo the legal team are winning as our deeds clearly state use of the lane.. but the council are throwin in the public have used it for so many years now they can claim right of way!!.. our legal time are stating that the public never used it until the council took the private road signs down.. so the council are having to back down now and we are in the middle of getting it reinstated as private and stoppin access to the public.. which would be good as they shout at us and all sorts when we drive up.. specially dog walkers who cant be arsed to have their dogs on leads.. and say we shouldnt be driving up there at all. and our local concillor as stated in teh local paper that we should he thankful the council allow us access across it to our home.. lol we all did at that one.

    so good luck



  • Gardeningfantic


    I have started something on this site havent I but as you say it needs looking into before anything serously happens

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