Help i am a novice gardener!

i'm growing a passion flower in a wooden trough up a trellis on a small roof terrace.

everything seem to be going well as the flower has grown very quickly and looks healthy but just in the last week i have noticed that the lower leaves are turning a more yellowish colour and few have dropped off, should i be worried.

I care for it buy, watering daily and small spoon on miracle grow once a week.

also it has a lot of fruit on it, should these picked off or allowed to fall naturally?

thanks in advance


  • LyndabLyndab Posts: 32

    Hi There, I am not sure if anything is wrong, but I always lose some lower leaves on my passion flowers every year. Like yours they turn yellow and drop off, but top growth, flowers and fruit remain ok.




    Would be intrested to know if others have found out what causes it and whether the plant is slowly being damaged, is under stress / needs something.

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