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Talkback: Robins in the garden

I too have a resident robin again. I fed one all last wintr.Could it be the same one? Mine still hides if I'm in the garden but it doesn't fly off. It will now fly onto my front fence and pause to see me off when leaving the garden. it also watches and sees off other species if i' m around, and is always first for breakfast at first light.


  • I have two robins in my garden - they stay in their own part and never cross over into the other's territory but they are not at all afraid and come within a yard of me when I am working in the garden.
  • My Grandfather had a robin which would perch on his hat or sometimes on his shoulder while he dug his allotment. The bird did this for a good two years and then suddenly disappeared. How long do small birds like the robin live?
  • i have an robin cume to my allotment every day. even when i dig the grownd over and the worms all cume up. it is ther eating them. it is good to see it in the allotment. now i dig them up for the robin.
  • I have a robin that comesandtaps onthe window and then follows meto the greenhouse where I keephis /her food. Last summer I had it feeding out of my hand.What a greast feeling.
  • I work for B&Q in Plymouth, and several times when I'm drop & filling in the old greenhouse, he/she comes in to 'help'. A few people thought it was a realistic tree decoration until it flew down to eat the spilled seed. Our store's been open for about 8 yrs now, and we've had robins from the start. Originally they came into the store to perch on the artificial trees, and used to fly down to the coffee shop to pick up crumbs while people were eating. Then they were beginning to build nests in the trollies of plants we were unloading. This year there have been 2 in the greenhouse, helping themselves to spilt seed, and going down to the house plants to roost.Between them and the blackbird that visits inside the store, I think they've got the right idea..they can be warm, dry and fed, with no one bothering them.
  • Enjoyed reading about the garden robins!
  • I was in my local garden centre recently browsing through the seeds and planning for next year when I heard a bird singing close by. I looked up to find a robin sitting on top of the seed stand chirping away. It made no attempt to fly away even when I "talked" to it and I was beginning to think it wasn't real. I was there for quite a while [as usual] and so was the robin. I checked with the girl on the till and she assured me that the robin was real and a permanent visitor. I guess there is plenty of free food and warmth there so Mr/Mrs Robin knows a good thing!
  • My garden seems to be full of robins at the moment. I've seen 4 at a time in the front, squaring up to each other by the feeders and at least 2 in the back garden who seem to keep more strictly to their territories. One of these is tame enough to eat mealworms from my hand and would come to the table and join us in the summer, even when there were 8 people present. Luckily my guests didn't seem to mind a pot of mealworms on the table.
  • for the past few days i have been watching 3 robins in and out of a bird box near my decking area outside my patio doors. they always seem to be nmore active around dusk and are beutiful to watch i am hoping that they have chosen to nest in my garden as this will be the first ime . i often see robins around my garden but never so close and in one of my nest boxes.
  • I had a robin who would come in the house to pinch the dog food. One year I had just iced the xmas cake and it perched on the top, wish I had my camera handy, had to re ice the cake of course.
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