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Help, I am new to this.  I have a lovely pot of geraniums (they were lovely) on my patio. At the week end I noticed a few holes in the leaves,and I sprayed it with Bug Clear. This morning I looked at it,and it is worse. Please can somebody give me advice.


  • janlinjanlin Posts: 18

    Hi Verdun

    Thank you so much. I will take your advice.

  • VivvoVivvo Posts: 1

    Yes, it's caterpillars - bright fat green ones approx 1 inch long and dozens of tiny ones up to 1 inch long. They're not only on the leaves but wind themselves around the stems and bury in the compost. Evidence of their presence are their droppings - greyish, dusty crumbs on the geranium leaves. I spent 2 hours one afternoon this week picking off these caterpillars and scratching through the compost in affected pots. Make sure you squash them completely dead or drown them in a jar or they will move on somewhere else! They seem to be resistant to Bug Sprays. They also eat the geranium buds before they flower - hence no flowers! So I reckon simply cutting off the leaves and spraying is not enough to eradicate them - my geraniums are already looking better 3 days after my 'plucking' session! But I would love to know how they got there as not all my pots of geraniums are affected.

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