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Thanks for this amazingly useful link -- -- very addictive!


  • I'm not sure if I'm allowed to advertise, but I'm so pleased to come across a blog like this!
  • Not sure if this is the place to be and although the money tree / jade is not a native however I understand that they do not usually flower in this country so how rare is it? My 15 year old plant is in flower right now which is the first time that it has and in fact I never knew that they did until researching it on the internet. Should I be letting anyone know?
  • My jade tree flowered - can't remember how old it is - and so did my umbrella palm. The latter died shortly after flowering, but the jade tree is still going strong.
  • I think wildlife along with the right plants in the garden always look beautiful, i think to gardening though the full scene has to be done for it to give you full accomplishment, i am from yorkshire and love to have a beautiful garden and theres nothing better than yorkshire flags to make a massive eye attraction, also go hand and hand with the planting and bring the full picture together, i searched around yorkshire for the stone products i wanted and after finding not what i wanted i stumbled across a lancashire company called steptoes yard, where i bought mostly everything i needed apart from the wildlife, right down to my railway sleepers and even a few nice looking chimney's.
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