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Talkback: Growing peppers

I have a friend who's a vegetarian and in September she came over for a meal and I made her a ratatouille lasagne with some of the veggies I grow including sweet peppers. However in November the peppers started to rot on the plant in the greenhouse, I was waiting for them to turn red which is the only way we like them. We don't have heating in the greenhouse, but it is bubble wrapped. I usually open the door/vents for a little while each day, but November was so wet, I presume damp was the problem?


  • For most of the UK, peppers will not grow any more unless you have a heated greenhouse. It is too cold, too damp and not enough light. I cut the last of my peppers in November and put them an a sunny windowsill where they ripen in a few weeks.
  • I have grown some hot and spicy chilly peppers and they look very healthy with a shiny red skin but they dont taste at all hot or spicy any suggestions as to what I have wrong regards Mick
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  • Dahlia Lover,
    I'm sure it is not only damp, but poor air circulation...because as soon as the weather turns icy, what do we do but wrap up with bubble polythene and shut down vents and windows. Poor air circulation in damp conditions encourages Botrytis and also other rots and moulds. Try to open vents and windows etc at every opportunity!

    The heat of hot peppers varies enormously, take a look in the seed catalogues and you'll see that many now offer a sort-of heat rating, this might help you to select one that'll suit your taste buds!
  • I have been growing Cherry Bomb (Devon Chilli Farm) for several years- easy to grow and are still in my unheated greenhouse as I write this comment. They are hanging like bright red fairy light bulbs and looking festive. Medium hot and delicious and will be still there in the NY.
  • My 14 year old son and some friends need to raise money towards a expedition to Kenya in 2013, we had thought about growing some plants and veg to sell, space not a problem, limited grreenhouse shelves though.Any recommendations for plants to grow to sell and crop from, not just limited to peppers!
  • OOPs, I meant in 2011!
  • When do I pick the peppers, while still green or do they change colour when ready?
  • i am growing peppers can you tell me why they are black not green they start off green then turn black
  • do you pinch the growing point off your peppers for better crops
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