I mowed the very first time yesterday with the simple strimmer on my messy lawn with almost knee high grass & weeds. At least it's a bit tidy now with all weeds down!!!!!

Would like to seek advice from you all here who mown all the time:- My husband suggested that our garden's not suitable to mown with hover mower, so he was using the strimmer for the past 3years and do it prob once a mth only which makes him exhausted at the end of the day when the grass goes mad on hot & rainy summer days.

I'm gonna push out the very un-used mower tomorow and give it a try. It's called Xceed Hover mower, which is from Asda i think, plastic blades,only 2 left. Has anyone has any idea how it works prob? or just push and go as others?

We have 2 level of lawn, both never been treated & taking care of properly since we rented it 3years ago. And it's sloppy and long. Stoney. Please if any advice for a starter like me will be greatfull. Especially someone who has the same mower as mine,coz I cant find a lot of information about it except for replacement blades.

Thank you for all helpssss.




  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Dear Ping, 

    I imagine that by now you have had a go with the hover mower. Or maybe you didn't get it to go.

    Strimmers are great for doing very sloping bits of grass or under trees and so on. For large areas of normal-ish lawn a hover mower will spare you a slipped disc and a bad back. They do throw up stones, dog dirt and anything else that is in the grass so I would advise you, at least the first time you try it, to wear long trousers, sensible shoes and, if you have any, some of those goggles that workmen wear. Next time, maybe not the goggles.

    Don't know about how to get the thing going but, if it is electrically powered, I would really recommend an adaptor that cuts the power if you cut the cable.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,088

    I'd always wear goggles with those sling it everywhere mowers, (and strimmers). Generally don't bother with the ones that sling it in a box.

  • pingping Posts: 70

    Hi waterbutts & nutcutlet,

    Thank you for your advise, i did finally try on the mower today, its amazing!!! well not a golf course standard yet, but at least all weeds are down, bare patch are obvious & ready to spread new proper grass seed & hopes it will build up next year spring green with grass, not weeds.

    Thank you again for all help & view



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,606

    Keep mowing regularly Ping - once a week while the grass is growing, then it's not such a big job and the grass will then grow sideways rather than up and you'll get a better lawn. image

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