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Talkback: Most hated plants



  • I seem to have been 'lucky' enough to have inherited the plants I really hate every time we have moved house!! Probably didn't help that they were all inappropriately planted which made them seem worse.

    My least favourite are Aucuba, Pampas Grass, Eucalyptus (when planted in small gardens) & Leylandii. I also hate the Bindweed that our neighbours are 'cultivating' that comes under the fence.
  • I don't like grass - not the nice wavy kind that sounds like you rubbed 2 grasshoppers together.

    I mean the green stuff that needs mowing every 3 minutes, with edges that burst out of shape as soon as your backs turned. Remains wet when you want it dry and dries out to concrete if we have 2 consecutive dry days. And name me the mower that can cope with seed heads!!!
  • Tastes change so much as you go through life, I used to dislike big blousy roses and dahlias but I can now appreciate their beauty. However, I don't think I'll ever warm to anything "salmon pink" or overly ruffled, or dwarfed for that matter. Also the Russian Vine (Fallopia baldschaunica) is a hideous thing that will strangle all completition.
  • Not keen on roses - too many nasty prickly thorns. I do however like the scent of some of them.
  • I cannot stand those chocolate smelling flowers (Cosmos). Why would anybody want such unsuitable smelling plants in their garden?
  • I adore sweetpeas and acer sengkaku ( I think thats how its spelt!!! sweeppeas for scent and the acer for year round interest. I cannot stand ivy. reminds me of death!!!I also dislike cotoneaster horizontalis. Can't get rid of it.
    If its good for wildlife then I guess we could tolerate it...maybe!
  • I hate Fuschia they are so old fashioned - dont like tulips they're boring - dont like chrysanths remind me of funerals and often have horrible earwigs in them! I can take any kind of creepy crawly except them.
    Weeds are okay they cover up bald spaces in the garden and wildlife love them.
  • Bedding begonias, YUK !!
  • I hate blue roses and blue tulips - they were never meant to be. Also pink daffodils - spring is very much about the joyful yellows (& white with orange tips), and the reds of tulips. For some reason I cannot bear serried ranks of tagetes, ageratum, red salvia and alyssum.
  • I hate russian vines- they are so invasive and hard to get rid of.My neighbour has one at the bottom of her garden and it has travelled into mine and has choked a tree in my garden.
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