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Talkback: Most hated plants

I've got one word for you - CONIFER. Yuk!


  • Nooo - not dahlias! Actually, I must confess that I'm not that keen when grown in the garden, but I love them as a cut flower, especially the spikier ones. Look, pretty!
  • There must be something wrong with me. I love all the plants the others hate! Who couldn't adore the stunning sight of ceanothus in full flower, the fragrance of hyacinths, or the striking exotic appeal of coleus. Even forsythia has its place .... although not in my garden!
  • I hate any flowers planted in regimental straight lines with lots of beautifully weeded soil, but particularly African Marigolds!!But then I'm a messy sort of person.
  • I'm sorry for all those rose can anyone HATE a rose?
    They are my favourites!
  • Marigolds, I agree with that. Ugh, the smell! They always look a bit grubby to me too, as if all soil particles stick to their petals.
  • its euphorbias I dislike and green flowers-- it doesn't seem natural
  • I really really hate ALL orchids, I cannot see the attraction, love & lust people have for them!!
  • Oh No! don't dis the Dahlias! They transport me back to my long- gone childhood. And the bigger and more showy the better!

    I could however, happily live without setting eyes on another daffodil or marigold - or smelling them, come to that!
  • A love-hate really ... hamamaelia mollis (spelling is incorrect I know) ... lovely in June ... then chop off the flower heads before they seed all over the place ... then a disgusting heao of leaves with a root system that defies uprooting ... now add to this 'wild' michaelmas daisies ... not he well-mannered species varieties ... a root system than compares with ground elder ... aaargh!!
  • I absolutely hate Vinca - I planted it for short-term groundcover years ago and have been unable to get rid of it since, or stop its relentless spread!

    I love alstroemerias and have many different ones in my garden.
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