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I have a small front garden at the front of my terraced house.  It is about 3m x 2m, and is currently a raised bed.  There are no plants in it, except for a few bulbs that appear in the spring.  I have cleared all the weeds (for now), but need something easy to maintain to fill the space.  Any thoughts how I can do it on a budget?  And what I can do at this time of year?  Any help really appreciated.  Apologies for the lack of gardening knowledge... I have only just moved in and have been living in flats for years!



  • ogsterogster Posts: 88

    In which direction does the border face?

  • terry 3terry 3 Posts: 5

    The house is east facing. 

  • terry 3terry 3 Posts: 5

    It's a small area and is currently a raised bed. Ideally I wouldn't remove the bed (I'm not sure I want that much work!). I am thinking plants would be best, especially shrubs or things that wouldn't take too much maintenance. It's on a terraced street but gets plenty of light so that shouldn't be a problem. 

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    While you are making up your mind as to what kind of garden you want why not clean it of all weeds, rake level and sow an annual wild flower meadow mix - enough seed to cover that size will not cost much.  Now is ideal and the bulbs can all join in the beautiful sight you will have in the spring.  We have lots of patches like that floering this year in Bristol which has won the Green Capital of Europe Award for 2015 and is wowing passes by already.  you will be bang in fashion and will not have broken the bank.


  • ogsterogster Posts: 88

    Good idea Marion, Terry you could also instead of a meadow mix, (sorry marion) plant later this year a gren manure mix which will enrich the soil for planting shrubs and flowers next spring. 

  • terry 3terry 3 Posts: 5

    Thank you both so much for your advice. At the moment, the weeds are a real battle! If I clear the area and sow seeds, is it a matter of leaving over the autumn period and just weeding as and when is necessary? Likewise with the gren manure mix?

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    I'd go for the wild flower mix. Green manure, though very worthy, isn't going to get you any wows from passers-by (assuming that is what you would like).image

  • Try planting a mixture of gauras and different grasses. Gauras are so pretty and very, very easy to grow. If I have a space and don't know what to put in, that would always be my choice.

    "Siskiyou Pink" is a lovely deep colour, whilst "Whirling Butterflies" is taller and paler. They look good together and are completely easy and trouble-free. They also attract bees and other insects. Any grasses would mix well and grow easily. I've got a lovely furry one, though I don't know the name but you could choose from the garden centre. Maybe a blue one

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