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Talkback: Garden trees: tornado damage

How dreadful to hear of these devastatingly strong winds. I well remember driving through Bushy Park near Hampton Court on the morning after the great hurricane of October 1987. Mature trees had been felled like nine pins, and once impressive avenues of trees lining he road through the park were destroyed!

Good luck with your clear-up operation Pippa. Perhaps you'll now have an opportunity for some new tree planting.


  • Talking of extreme weather, will the weather forecast on site be returning to it's original format soon?
  • hi i have 3 silver birch trees do i peel the bark myself or let nature take its course
  • I'm thankful I didn't have a tornado, but my greenhouse was pushed back about 35cm by the wind. the whole thing just moved like a lightweight. It's 10'x8' and 8' high with 94 panes of glass and a steel base, so it's pretty heavy. 2 panes blew out but didn't break. I was really lucky the damage was minimal, but now I'm trying to find a way to move it back without taking all the glass out. Any ideas welcome.
  • hey jude by the beatles my wife and i moved our shed from one side of garden to other side useing wodden rollers
  • The infuriating thing is that the ground is SO very wet that we cannot even get a tractor down to clear up the oaks without doing serious damage to our neighbour's field.....but meanwhile yes, the clear up has begun on everything we can access!
  • Hi everyone. I have in the past year bid farewell to the last of my cats. I have had years of the cats fouling in my garden but now I have had enough. Can anyone please suggest a humane way of keeping my neighbours cats out of my garden before I fall out with them?
  • After pruning our Leylandii, we are no
    longer able to transport the branches to the tip. If we buy a shredder, can we use the pieces as a mulch or add them to the compost bin?
  • Truly cool story u got here. It would be great to read something more concerning such theme. Thnx for giving that information.

  • So sorry to hear of your tornado damage Pippa - it is so scary isn't it and we are so helpless. We moved here the week of the hurricane in 1987 and were very lucky to escape with little damage but very frightening. This year so far it is my lovely Wisteria which has suffered. Here is hoping for all of us that these awful winds die down soon
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