I have a Orange King Fuchsia and I would like to keep it for another year.

Is it best to take cuttings from my plant now, or over winter it in my conservatory and then take the cuttings off that in the spring.

The same goes for a Lovely Geranium I have.

I can take cuttings easily by the water method but I am a bit of a novice. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • J3nnyJ3nny Posts: 5

    Hi Shimmy!

    I grow my fuchsias outside and don't have a conservatory so I take cuttings now of the ones I want to keep until next year and they come on fine. image


  • Softwood cuttings are best taken in spring.

    Hardwood cuttings in autumn.

    Thats the advice from my fuchsia grower but to be honest if you put them in a frost free cold frame so they don't dry out, they should over winter quite well.

  • bigolobbigolob Posts: 127

    Take all cuttings NOW so that they can develop roots to help them to withstand the winter. If you have a heated conservatory or small heated GH or propagator, put the cuttings in there but watch the night temperatures. Glass alone will not help them to survive at an outside temperature of 0 degrees or less.

    When taking the cuttings, root them in 3 1/2 to 5  inch pots (depending on size and number of cuttings) and cover the pot with a plastic bag to retain moisture. When rooted, remove the plastic bag and water them when the compost feels dry.

  • Thanks Jenny, Lilleybee and Bigolob. I will be taking some cuttings overs the next few days.

    Wish me Luck.

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