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It's getting a bit darker in the evenings and colder, and I've starting thinking about next spring, I've got a few big pots I found reduced in the garden centre and I'd really like to try filling them with a few different bulbs in layers. We ventured over the border on holiday in April this year, and went to RHS Harlow Carr, and they had huge pots almost in flower and full of tulips, hyacynths etc and even just with all the foliage twisting together and the buds poking up they were beautiful, has anyone else had good results doing this? I'd like some advice, I've not grown a lot of spring flowering bulbs, and I'd like the pots to all or mostly come into flower at once. Does anyone have any tips of bulbs that come into flower at the same time I could try? Or tips for different coloured varieties that go nicely together? I've got some tulips I grow with forget-me-nots among them, and they're really pretty, but I thought I'd try being more adventurous this year..

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    I'm answering myself, not sure if this is a sign of insanity chatting to yourself on an online forum. image

    I had a look a bit more online for it, and they call this 'bulb lasagne', sounds delicious. image They sell sets of bulbs in a few places, I found some really pretty ones on Crocus, and I think there was a discount code in the magazine so I'll need to check at home, there's one at the link below which is gorgeous (blues and plum coloured tulips), and Sarah Raven has some sets too.



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    If you have a Lidl near you, they are selling a similar thing. It consists of two different types of bulbs in the bottom of a carboard tray (with holes in the bottom for the roots to grow through. I bought one with tulips and daffodils, and another with two types of allium. I think they're designed for an 18" pot. Each tray cost £3.50 and have 40 - 50 bulbs in each. 

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    Thanks Emma! We have a Lidl not too far away, sounds like it's worth a look especially at that price image

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    Definitely well worth it, Jenny image

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    I did this last year, worked brilliantly.

    I did Chinodoxia, crocus, tulips (two varieties) daffodil and narcissi.

    Assume you could also add Iris reticulata for early colour. Layered on bulb size I think

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    I frequently do this - deep pink tulips planted deep and then either muscari or chinodoxia above them, depending on when the tullips are due to flower, so that they both come out together image

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    I did something similar, but planted for succession . . . crocuses in the top layer came out first, daffs and tulips in next layer down and alliums in the bottom (saw it in an article in The Times last year).  It worked well, but I like your idea too.  May have to get some more pots and see if I can manage your idea.

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    I did this last year but I think I was too ambitious and did too many layers in a big ceramic pot.  The deepest tulips came up short and early and it looked messy most of the time as older foliage went over.   I shall turf them all out into the garden this autumn and then just do two layers with new bulbs for next year.

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    Thanks guys! image Obelixx that's what I wondered, the pots at Harlow Carr were like half barrels and I wondered how deep you could really plant things before they suffered a bit, so that answers that.. image 4thPanda that's an interesting idea, and alliums too I was just thinking spring bulbs but I've got some allium bulbs so I might pop them in too. I've got some Iris Reticulata too from this years pots and I hadn't thought about them either. I can't decide what to do now so I think I'm going to do a few pots and see how they go, I think I'll do one with deep pink tulips and muscari as Dovefromabove suggested a bit like the crocus one, and one with scented white narcissus and maybe daffs and yellow and white tulips and blue chinodoxa or muscari and maybe a hotch-potch one with a bit of everything. image These darker evenings are making me come in earlier and look at plants online, dangerous for my bank balance..

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    I'm looking for help and inspiration with this idea please.

    i have 3 tubs next to each other. All empty at the moment. I like the idea of bulbs for spring, fushias for late summer (hardy fushias so the tubs last and are not disturbed) I also have some lavender cuttings I could use...

    but what can I plant now for...

    1) between spring and late summer , and

    2). For autumn? Maybe winter ? 

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