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hey, I've created new flower beds 3 years ago, but cant seem to keep grass form returning, tried weed killer but still keeps comimg back, any ideas as to a long term solution? I have got bulbs planted in the area too.


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    weeding, it's part of gardening, very therapeutic.



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    If the bed is planted with plenty of ground cover and some evergreens  it will help - do you mainly have annuals in the bed?  Bare earth is heaven for all sorts of weeds to seed in to! If it's couch grass that creeps in - best to keep pulling it out manually to keep it  at bay. A mulch will help too. image

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  • bed is just bare at the mo with a couple of hostas in , not wanting  to sound thick but how do i mulch and what is it?? not much experience at this gardening lark lol

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    Mulch is a layer of " something" put over the soil to stop the weeds germinating and to stop it drying out too quickly. You can use compost or manure, or things like chipped bark or spent mushroom compost (although that can turn your soil alkaline).  Spread a  good layer on - 2-3 inches thick

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    Chipped bark mulch is best,but be aware,some of the cheapest varieties contain a lot of dust and very small pieces.which are not ideal.

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    Is it annual grass, or the strong couch grass (twitch) that has long runners and infiltrates every thing.? Puuting a mulch on couch grass won't help. You have to keep on forking out every bit.

  • thanks peeps

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