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A Spear and Jackson stainless steel spade that belonged to my mother. She was left-handed and we bought it in 1965 as a Christmas present for her, telling her it was a special left-handed spade. She wore one side of it away over the next thirty years. When she died I took it over and now have it as my spade. I'm right-handed and whenever I need to use it in a particular way and find that the vital edge I need is worn away I think of her. It's nearly 50 years old and will see me out.


  • archiepemarchiepem Posts: 1,155

    got dads old hoe used to have a staff made from our christmass tree . now has  a beech one cut from a hedge row bye him . and a stainless spade . when i snuff it its yours son .. cheers dad  large malt me thinks , 

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