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I have a large Pittosporum, which is about 8/10 ft high.  I looks fairly healthy but is too tall for where it is and because it didn't get pruned last year (ailing gardener - me) is quite 
empty in the middle.  I would like to get it down eventually to about 5/6 ft.  So can I do that all in one go, this year and if so what do I do to encourage it to bush up in the middle.  It is about 5 ft wide, and i would be happy to reduce that a little, say 3/4ft.  Any advice very welcome.  


  • SuesynSuesyn Posts: 661
    I inherited one in my garden and it was quite big so I cut it back severely with no ill effect. I also trimmed all the lower branches right back to the trunk so that the plants underneath could benefit. The undergrowth didn't respond to being exposed and bottom of the bush regrew to the same width as higher up.
    I suspect different varieties of pittosporum might respond differently. 
  • Novice23Novice23 Posts: 200
    Thanks Suesyn, that is helpful.   Mine is low to the soil, so might follow your lead and hope it becomes more bushy there too. 
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