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Ferns - Wondering what would be nice ferns to grow in area under leylandii

Pink678Pink678 Posts: 397
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I am thinking of growing some ferns on the bare soil underneath my leylandii. If I leave it, the area fills up with weeds quickly.
It's shady there, though there is light, just not direct sunlight. The soil is not too dry in the areas I am thining of planting them, though of course the trees do suck moisture.
I was planning to plant the ferns in front of the trees in this picture, quite close to the trees.
And in front of the trees either side of this path to the shed:
I was thinking of getting polystichum polyblepharum, in 9cm pots to plant out.
Would this be good, or what other ferns might you suggest?
Can I plant them out now?
Would a mix of ferns look good or shall I stick with one type?
Many thanks.


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,565
    I think P polyblephlarum would be good, Dryopteris affinity and Asplenium scolopendrium also do ok on dry soil. I would plant big specimens though, on very dry soil 9cm plants will dry out very early. I think  plants with big resilient root systems will withstand dryness better.
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,565
    If you know other people with gardens who wouldn't mind giving you a few decent sized ferns that would probably be ideal - people with big gardens would often have a few they can spare.
  • Pink678Pink678 Posts: 397
    Thank you for the suggestions Loxley, those two you mentioned also look nice.
    It's a bit hard with sizing, as it's quite a big area I want to cover so need quite a few, but I will try and get bigger ones if possible.
    Would they be OK being planted out now, will they mind the coming winter do you think?
    It doesn't seem too dry in the area. Moss certainly loves it!
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,482
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    See my reply in your last post for ferns I used in the same conditions.
    Polybleupharum are nice, and they do grow here by a house wall north shade.
    But the conditions are not the same so I could not recommend them like I could the others, hopefully someone else will be able to tell you.

    The Epimediums to use would be the Leptomorphs which are spreaders.
    Pachymorphs are the ones that are slower but make tighter clumps over time.

    I was going to post a link to a site that explains it better and some of the types so can get a clue of which are which. But I can't find it at the moment.

    So Leptomorphs leap and Pachymorphs are packed ( tighter).

    Also look for drought tolerant in the description or ask the supplier which ones are if you are not sure. 
    They may also tell you which ones are good spreaders.
    There is a bewildering array out there.

    Once you find which are which, then chose some you like the look of  :)
  • Pink678Pink678 Posts: 397
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    Thank you so much @Rubytoo, it's very helpful , and your reply on the other thread too!
    I think in the end I am going to go with Asplenium scolopendrium as the main fern.
    This is super helpful :) : "The Epimediums to use would be the Leptomorphs which are spreaders. Pachymorphs are the ones that are slower but make tighter clumps over time."  I need the spreaders! Going back to my other thread, I was thinking of only putting epimediums in the drier large area directly under the leylandii to the left shown in the photo on that thread (there's not much vertical height there).
    But I could put epimediums in the other areas too, as they sound ideal for this whole area.
    How do I find out if the epimediums I am looking at are leoptomorphs or pachymorphs?
    This one is a lectomorph then, and I'd be happy just to get this one:
    Or if I wanted more colours, there are many others I see when I am browsing with different colours, like these, but I don't know if they are lectomorphs:
    Epimedium rubrum
    Epimedium warleyense Orange Queen
    Epimedium youngianum Niveum
    Epimedium perralderianum
    Epimedium 'Crimson Beauty'
  • Pink678Pink678 Posts: 397
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  • Pink678Pink678 Posts: 397
    @Rubytoo I am going to post a bit more over on my leylandii plants thread about epimediums ...
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