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Help needed: Peperomia rosso

I’ve been away for a week. Came home to find lots of shrivelled leaves (which I have removed) and flagging stems. 😩 Has it been overwatered please? Any advice greatly appreciated. Soil seems dry.

This plant is kept about a meter from a north facing window. It doesn’t get direct light. The leaves are paler than when I brought it but I think the stems are the issue. Please see photos. In a succulent soil. There are need shoots coming through too. Thanks in advance everyone 😊


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,126
    I have a couple of a very similar variety.
    They are also near a north facing window and get little decent light, but strangely they do well.
    This time of year I water them rarely.

    Do the plastic pots feel light or heavy when taken out of the ceramic pot?
    If they feel really light, then they need some water.
    If they don't feel light, then they're OK atm

    It's not easy to see from the photos, but some of the leaves look like they have been peppered?
    If that's the case, then your plant may have spider mites.
    You'll need a magnifying glass to see them on the underside of the leaves.
    They're almost transparent which doesn't help.
    Another sign is tiny cobwebs here and there.

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