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Guara seedlings

GrajeanGrajean Posts: 434
I have lots of seedlings growing in a gravel area which is on top of concrete. Any ideas how to lift the seedlings.Ones I have tried have snapped at tap root. No idea how they have managed to grow in the first place.


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,141
    They're tricky to transplant because of their tap root as you've found out.
    If you can't dig them up with the tap root intact, they're unlikely to survive.

    My best Gaura is growing in a similar position to yours.
    It appeared about 4 years ago by my fish pond and flowers profusely from June until the frosts get it.
    Somehow it's thriving in about 3" gravel with concrete below the gravel.
    They do self-seed a lot, so I find seedlings when they're very small and move them at that stage.
    The seedlings are quite easy to identify as they have red splodges on the leaves even when they're just a couple of inches tall.

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