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Collecting sunflower seeds

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This year I grew some of these Velvet Queen sunflowers from seed...

Only one plant had the dark burgundy flowers, with the rest developing these lovely multi headed yellow/orange flowers, which I want to grow again...

Confusingly some websites suggest that Velvet Queen should have the yellow/orange flowers, but some suggest dark burgundy!! I have some seeds left in the pack, but they might grow into dark burgundy flowered plants.

If I collect some seeds from the plants are they likely to grow identical, or revert back to a parent variety?


  • I'm not sure of the answer to your question but you may like to try Evening Sun. This is one of mine and looks very similar to your photo. This one grew to around 8 feet and produced 14 flowers. I am assuming it is Evening Sun as it does look like the photo on the packet!
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