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Talkback: Pumpkins for Halloween

Went for a brilliant trip to the Savill Gardens and loved their display of pumpkins and squash. I have grown many varieties over the years but have decided that next year I'm going to grow enough to make a display that will be worth walking along The Ridgeway near Wendover to see. That's a promise.


  • Thisyea r for the first time my children and I planted pumpkins.What excitment as we watched them engulf the garden, the two green orbs get bigger until they began to turn orange.They can't wait to start carving and I going to have a go at soup.We'll definately grow them again next year.
  • Instead of growing your pumpkins, you might want to try melons on the compost heap. Canteloupe,watermelon, etc. all love and need the heat, nutrients and water from the compost to really come along. Try them. If I had a choice between them, it would be melons and not pumpkins. If you do do the pumpkins, get a few small pie pumpkins. They make gorgeous pumpkin pies.
  • Thanks for your comments. I'll give melons a whirl one day but I'm set on pumpkins for next year, thanks TheWrightWay. Good luck with your display project LeighPorter. Kate
  • there the best
  • my wife got a pumpkin from the shops i have never growen a pumpkin before i just whont to no if you can youse the seeds to grow them from the pumkin she got thanks
  • Hi Joseph, I wouldn't recommend using the seeds from the pumpkin your wife bought. Pumpkins can cross-pollinate very easily with other cucurbits, including courgettes, so you couldn't guarantee that your plants would yield the same pumpkin - and it might taste horrible. It could also be an F1 variety, which has two different parents. The 'grandchild' pumpkin could bear different characteristics, and again, be inedible. I would treat yourself to a packet of pumpkin seeds and give them a go next year.
  • just tried to roast and eat a pumpkin, but it tasted very bitter. Is this normal>? And did I use the wrong one?
  • ive tried growing pumpkins for the last 3 years, in raised beds, in a compost bin and in a very big pot, ive had lovely healthy plants, with tiny fruits, but thats as far as it goes, i cant seem to get the fruits to grow. what am i doing wrong.
  • i have 2 pumpkin plant and very small garden can i grow in pots or should i use a trough thanks
  • We grow pumpkins in compost bins and works well. The only thing to watch is that pumpkins are well supported if they form above the ground.
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