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I have a bumper crop of tomatos this year but they just do not want to turn red.Has anyone else had the same this year,and if so what are you doing about it.



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    Hi David, I had loads of Moneymaker toms that seemed to just sit for weeks - green!  They gradually started to turn red slowly and now there is no stopping them.  They need warm temps rather than sunlight to start ripening.  I'd keep hanging on, they'll get there eventually.

  • HI paulaH, had a look today and i have 2 just starting to turn.i tell them rude jokes prehaps that might make them go

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 70,348

    Mine are on the turn - weather's warming up again so they shouldn't take long image

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  • I've had the same, it's my 1st year of growing so I thought it was just because I started everything late. They're starting to change now though, got my 1st red beeksteak at the same time as the first cherry image


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    These things happen, Mandy. Cherries should usually be the first to mature.

    Dove - from the other thread, I look forward to hearing what you think of Soldacki. And Anna Russian needs a good slap occasionally to make it behave and stop taking over the garden.

    I've got so many ripe toms that I made a raw tomato sauce for pasta with a couple of them last night. Delicious.

  • David - you are not alone. I have 27 plants of 4 different varieties and in various locations around the garden. Some are under cover and some not. They were sown at different times and are all full of lovely green tomatoes refusing to ripen. I expected at least one combination of heat and light to work and have been at a loss as to what's wrong. Its my first year with a greenhouse.

  • 27 O'my god do you have time for anything else Hargel with pruning and watering how long dose it take you to do this ??



  • Its a challenge as I work full time but things get done. The volume wasn't by design - I had expected to sell some for a charity but it didn't work out and the plants were so healthy I didn't like to chuck them.

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    I read somewhere that you should loosen the roots to stop them growing and push all their energy into ripening the fruit.  I tried cutting mine and hanging them in the garage last year and they all rotted.  There's always green tomato chutney!

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