My wife has successfully grown-on a courgette plant, sold to her as a 'Round Courgette' which has flowered and is now fruiting well. One courgette is now almost the size of a football !

The problem we have is knowing when the fruit is ready to pick?  Dark green courgettes such as we buy in the shops we would recognise of course but what we have here is rapidly approaching the size of a marrow but spherical and still pale green in colour!

Has anyone any experience of these courgettes who could advise us when to pick the fruit?




  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,111

    I grew two round sorts last year. they stay the same colour.but just get bigger. I found best picked the size of a golf ball, or they get watery. Leave them a couple of days, and as you say, you get footballs. I grew the yellow ones and a green one. My friends kids were impressed by the yellow footballs. Subsequent ones went on the compost heap.

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  • XX Posts: 707

    Definitely pick them when they are small, no bigger than a tennis ball.

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    I successfully grown this variety this year ... Ive let two of them grow too big def about size of med ball i cut the top 1/4 as a lid and cut out the bottom inner right through the bottom and roast all in the oven  stuff it with roasted veg garlic red onions peppers toms etc and serve with its hat on.  I also use the inners of the corgette put in tin with carrot cellery and onion with your favourite roast I then blitzed with the rest of gravy juices and it thickens my gravy instead of loads of cornflour.     

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