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What's this yellowing on my rose leaves?

bapw163bapw163 Posts: 38
I recently bought and potted a rose which I hope will grow up and over my roof terrace door.
But this yellow on the leaves is a bit worrying. The rose has been in for two weeks and it looks like it's grown but I wonder if anyone can advise me on what might be going wrong here.
Any help gratefully received.


  • RoddersUKRoddersUK Posts: 500
    Not entirely sure on the yellow, I thought I'd see black spots, but don't.
    Could be over watering?

    Also, I'd say there's way too much food on there!
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,721
    Maybe it's just the shock of being moved. I'd pick off the yellow leaves and bin them and scrape off some of the fertiliser. Keep an eye on it.
    Dordogne and Norfolk. Clay in Dordogne, sandy in Norfolk.
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,884
    Yes I agree with others, most of that fertilizer should be scraped off... you will kill it with kindness..

    As for the yellowing leaves, where did you get this rose from please?  was it imported? it's indicative of rose mosaic virus, where it takes on a variegated look.. it's not usually harmful..
    East Anglia, England
  • bapw163bapw163 Posts: 38
    Thank you for your thoughts on this everyone. 
    On the fertilizer, I did follow instructions but I shall do as you say for fear they are just trying to get me to use more of their stuff.
    The rose came from Squires in Twickenham. It is called Strawberry Hill (the rose, not the area I bought it!). 
    I shall pick off the yellow, be careful not to overwater and report back.
    Your replies are much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,721
    Strawberry Hill is a beautiful rose, by David Austin, short climber.
    Dordogne and Norfolk. Clay in Dordogne, sandy in Norfolk.
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