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Young Golden Delicious Apple tree

Can anyone help with my apple tree problem, this is it's second year of growing


  • Due to the hot weather I have watered my apple tree every day and as it's a young tree I have given a feed twice a week with a tomato feed with two little cap fuls to one watering can, I can see 30 or more small apples growing about the size of ones little finger nail, before the apples and before the flower started on the branch I had normal size leaves growing and approx 2/3 inches down the branch is another set of leaves all looked normal to me, but since this hot weather and watering and feeding I have noticed another 3 to 4 sets of baby leaves coming out on every branch between these larger leaves, can anyone tell me am I doing something wrong or is this normal, as I have never seen this before, it looks to me like it's growing  fluffy arms for branches
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