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Help noob, When to separate and repot??

Hey all looking for some help, I'm a new/beginner at gardening and greenhouse growing, when do I need to split up and repot my seedlings? I've added pics for you to see and offer the golden advice for me, I have in first pic romanesco, in the second pic cauliflower, in the third pic are lemon chilli pepper and ghost chilli pepper, and the fourth pic are pear drop tomato, and melon . 
I look forward to the replies.
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    When they are a bit bigger than that and have their true leaves. Ease them out carefully with a lolly stick, plant label or pencil and insert them, one at a time, gently into new pots filled with compost having made a hole with your finger of pencil to drop them into. Don't hold them by the stem, just the leaves. Carefully firm the compost round them. If they look a bit leggy you can bury a bit of the stem.
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