I've got an area of my garden that is shady and very dry as its under trees. Anyone got any ideas of plants that will do well in this area. I'm after some ground cover and a bit of height.




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    Hi Julie. What sort of size of area are you talking about and what kind of height are you looking for, and are the trees deciduous or evergreen? If you have conifers that can be very inhospitable.

    Many hardy geraniums cope with shade but if it's very dry mildew can be a problem now and again. Epimediums and Brunnera are low growing but will cope with dry shade and so will some of the Euphorbias. There are plenty of varieties and easy to obtain.

    If the trees are deciduous you have more scope as you can have a nice selection of spring flowering plants and bulbs when the tree canopy isn't there.

    That's a start anyway! image

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    I asked a similar question and got some great suggestions here

  • Many thanks for the suggestions. This link was really helpful.


    The area is about 10ft by 4ft. The trees are deciduous. I am looking for a balance of ground cover and a bit of height.

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