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Pink wisteria, how many or another climber?

Excuse the mess- we are renovating and have built a potting/storage shed.  A gardener friend suggested growing wisteria at the front to soften it- which is a very small porch type area. 
   Would I buy 4 plants- 1 for each upright? Would you put just 1 either end and eventually they'd meet in the middle? How long would that take?  Each upright is about 2m apart.  I was thinking pink wisteria. Any recommendation on varieties, or are there other/better climbers to look at? I'm certainly not tied to wisteria and open to other suggestions or ideas.
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  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 12,399
    I wouldn't recommend wisteria for that fairly small building and relatively low uprights as I think it would just be too vigorous.

    How about some small climbing roses or clematis,  one on each upright? Is there room to put them in the ground by the side of the uprights?
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,011
    I have 3 wisterias - 2 large inherited so big strong trunks and branches now and one white one I planted just a couple of years ago and already big enough to cover that shed.  I've seen some here that grow over 100metres long when they escape along a hedgerow. 

    I agree with @Lizzie27.  A wisteria will be too big and strong for that structure so I'd recommend a repeat flowering rambling rose such as Malvern Hills (yellow), Lady of the Lake (pink) or Ghislaine de Féligonde (peachy but poor perfume) planted at one end and trained across.  You could add a good clematis viticella for added interest with contrasting flowers.  Etoile Violette would contrast well with all of the above or you could go for one with smaller bell shaped flowers.

    You'll need to fix supports such as wires or trellis to the two outer posts and across the width and that will reduce access so I'd keep the rest simple.   You could plant a small climbing rose or shorter clematis on the other end post and use the 2 central supports for hooking on lanterns or other decorative elements or leave them clear.
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  • @Lizzie27 @Obelixx thank you both for the wisteria info.  We are on heavy clay, and oddly, I never even thought of a rambling rose!  Off to the nursery today to have a look.
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