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DilysDilys Posts: 8

I've just watched back to back recordings of Gardener's World and Beechgrove. No comparison! Whilst Beechgrove is varied and interesting, G.W. has become so boring. Nigel's great and Carol maintains her enthusiasm but Monty just drones on and on. This year, last year, never anything to capture the attention. Time for a change of presenter or at least a hard look at the format?



  • GardenmaidenGardenmaiden Posts: 1,126

    I must admit that Beechgrove has the edge over GW. Whenever they trial a fruit, flower or veg, Beechgrove always update you every couple of weeks as to how the trials are progressing. On GW you don't always see the end result of their trials (unless I miss it every time). I noticed that they didn't do a GW show from GW live at the NEC, in fact there wasn't much of a mention.


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