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watching meadow rebirth after a fire

last Tuesday  we had wild fire in local park/wild life preserve.
seem they should have done control burn burn because brush 
and weather reached a point that it was hazard of 1800 acres 
700 burned. no word it it was cause by nature, power lines
on windy day or some idiot started it. it was interesting to see all 
places that are burned side by side with unburned. it was close 
one since the fire was about half mile away. and we could smell for
days they were still putting out hot spots till this Monday. though
we had good rain last Thursday. the whole area is no hydrant zone 
and the land rough and rocky. it took trucks of 8 fire house 12 hours
to put it out.  in dry spring here i wish people would be more careful
since someone started brush fire one a few years back by cutting
brush 1000 feet from my house. on a fire warning day.( which means
it is dry and windy and sparks can start a fire). 
nature is interesting with death, rebirth and fire. 

ps no one was injured and someone shed  burned on the edge of the part.   
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