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Frog spawn at last

At last , after 3 years we have spawn in the wildlife pond . I had begun to think our 2 frogs were male ,but clearly not . Is it a bit late ? I’d hate to loose it now .


  • Shouldn't be too late @bcpathome - better they're born into warmer water rather than too early and freezing.  Good luck - you'll enjoy the froglets!
  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,304
    Yes I guess you’re right . I’m so excited , feels like I’ve become a grandma .
  • DaveGreigDaveGreig Posts: 187
    The palmate newts are guzzling the frog spawn in my pond just now. They’re not even waiting for the taddies to develop.😢
  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,304
    Oh no ! I haven’t been able to get down the garden to check mine because of the weather,,my wheelchair won’t go over the lawn if it’s this wet . I’ll get oh to check . Hope nothing has eaten mine .
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