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Climbing Rose Canes

quarkradquarkrad Posts: 23
I'm about to prune for the second time a set (three about 3m apart) of climbing roses I put in last year.   I've put in three rows of horizontal wires and accept it is going to take some years to fully establish.  At the moment I have various canes growing that I have loosely tied to the horizontals and now need to cut back some vertical growths.  My question is:  Should all the horizontals be 'new canes' grown from the base of the plant of can you have 'canes from canes'?   There are a few long verticals, that are quiet thick, that have grown just after the bend of a long'sh horizontal.  These thick verticals are long enough to be bent over to form a new horizontal.  Should I cut these long verticals off or train them to be a new horizontal the next layer up?


  • NollieNollie Posts: 6,779
    The vertical growths coming off the main horizontally trained canes are called flowering laterals. You can either cut them back to around 4” so they flower there. Or you can indeed bend and train those laterals near horizontally, so that those, in effect, behave like main canes and more lateral flowering shoots will form on them - so laterals on the laterals if that makes sense!
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