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Clematis rhederiana to move or not to move?

I have a clematis rhederiana which I’ve been giving love to for about 3 years on a north facing fence. There’s very little information on the species but are examples of it doing well north facing. Mine has survived but I’d be reluctant to say thrived. I’m thinking today is the day to move it to the south facing fence but want to garner second opinions on whether this is a terrible idea?


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,366
    They're better in full sun as far as I'm aware, assuming of course, that the site is suitable re soil etc. 
    If you're moving it, it's best to do it sooner rather than later. Clematis tend to move more reliably when they've not been planted for more than a few years. 
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    The clematis bible on the net says "sunny" -

    If you are going to move it do it asap but make sure you water it thorughly first - at least 15 litres poured slowly so it soaks in - and then dig deep to get as much of the thick, fleshy roots as possible.   It's a group 3 so you can also prune it back to the lowest set of buds on each stem to make it easier to mmove.

    Make sure you have a well prepared planting and watered hole and that you include plenty of enrichment in the bottom and for the back-filling.  A mix of well-rotted garden compost with pelleted or well matured manure will help as will a liquid feed of rose or tomato fertiliser.

    Keep it watered all thru the spring and summer while it's getting its roots re-established and give it an occasional feed.  It will want to get quite large so make sure you have a support of either trellis or tensioned wires on which t train its stems as horizontally as possible to encourage more flower power.

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