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Lemon Plant - Leaves with light colored patches

Can I please seek, advice and guidance. I have a lemon plant, in the porch at the moment. I was as on scale duty today, removed them but they will be back. I note some leaves have light colored patch but not covering the whole leaf though. Also not all leaves but only a handful with patches. Some of these patches emanate from central leaf stem but on all. Any suggestions would be welcome plus possible treatment. The variety is Eureka, plant seems healthy, flower buds are appearing, although they tend to fall off, I get couple of lemons perhaps in the last two years.

Had the plant for two years now, still learning how to handle citrus plants. Had a bad scale infection last year, hence developed a scale watch regime (see a scale bug photo bombing, can't stop em :/ ). Have used Neem oil in the past, which I think helped to a degree but I am note sure about these patches. Thank you very much.


  • Joyce GoldenlilyJoyce Goldenlily Posts: 2,129
    The marks look like insect nibble. I use neat alcohol, vodka or gin, with a pad of cotton wool to sponge the leaves and stems of my lemon tree if I spot any scale insects. You need to squidge whatever you choose to wash your plant with, right down into each joint because the baby scale insects hide there, as well as the underside of each leaf.
    Your tree and the flowers llook very happy so keep it up.
  • dbhattukdbhattuk Posts: 81
    Thank you so much @Joyce Goldenlily. Yes had a bad scale infection, taking some times to treat it. Yes I will try alcohol wipe method. Thank you. I also got in touch with supplier of the lemon plant. This morning got a reply (they are very good). They think the patches are due to scale, although I am removing adult scale there are still plenty tiny ones on the plant. They have suggested a product - Diatomaceous Earth Powder - Organic Insect Treatment. Powder is mixed with water and sprayed. It works by cutting the exoskeleton of the insect and killing it via dehydration. I am gonna order this powder and hopefully together this powder product and alcohol method as you suggested, will go a long way to fix the scale issue. Thank you again for your advice.  

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