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Rose moving and ID


This rose has been here for many years and I would like to move it to the centre of the lawn in a small round bed
and give it a good prune, I usually only deadhead the flowers.
Can I do this at this time of year and shohld I chop it back alot to be healthier?
It flowers well through the summer but I have no idea what type it is?
Thank you in advance 🙂


  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 852
    Yes and yes . I wouldn’t leave it too much longer but . Prepare the new home and then prune and dig it up with as much root as you can .It probably won’t flower this year .
  • Thank you, I'll plan to do it on Sunday, hopefully that is soon enough, the weather looks dry and about 10 degrees.
    Bit chilly today for me!
    I think I'll prune it right down to try and get some shape back? Maybe half the size or is that too much?
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