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Planting Early Potatoes

sussexrmdsussexrmd Posts: 2
Hi. So, I 've got some early potatoes, sprouted ('chitted'..?) and ready to plant in bags. I read two different methods - one where you plant in the bottom of the bag, and progressively add compost, rolling the back up as you go, etc. The other method, fill up the bag, plonk the potatoes in the top, and leave them it. So, which is best? Does it really matter which method to use? I am new to planting and haven't planted them before, so some experienced advice would be appreciated!


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,213
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    I'd use the first method. I've never heard of the 2nd one.
    The point of adding soil/compost over time [earthing up] is so that the forming tubers, ie the potatoes, are in shade and don't become green which is a real no no. It can also help produce more potatoes.
    It helps protect the emerging tops from frost damage too.
    It's probably too early for having them outside though - it'll depend on variety and where you are etc. I expect anyone trying to start at this time of year will have somewhere under cover for them. Certainly way too early here  :)
    @Dovefromabove has a lot of knowledge as her brother grows commercially. She'll be able to help  :)
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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,737
    Yes they need to be somewhere frost free … and this is the best way to do it 

    Enjoy 🥔 
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