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I’ve had a sentimental indoor Aloe Vera for 4-5yrs that’s what I call massive. I’ve learnt to look after it trial and error and it seems to be doing well as I’ve taken off-shoots and now have two, although the second looks very different.  My question is how do you care for the leaves as they get so heavy they bend over the edge of the pot or lay on the surface and root. I know I can’t put it outside as the cold weather kills them, especially the frost! I’ve started tying the large leave to the ceiling to hold them up but I’m sure there is a better way. I’ve Googled but the images are of small plants. 

I’ve attached a photo to give scale and the pink ruler is 15cm. (maybe it’s not as big as I think 🧐). 

Any help would be fantastic. 


  • Hello! It's great to hear that you have been successful in caring for your Aloe Vera plant and even propagated new ones. It's not uncommon for the leaves of mature Aloe Vera plants to become heavy and bend over the edge of the pot, and it's important to support the leaves to prevent them from breaking.

    One option for supporting the leaves is to use bamboo stakes or other support structures. Gently insert a stake into the soil next to the leaning leaves, and use a soft tie, such as twine or cloth, to attach the leaves to the stake. This will help keep the leaves upright and prevent them from breaking. You can also use multiple stakes to support several leaves at once.

    Another option is to re-pot the Aloe Vera plant into a larger pot. This will give the plant more room to grow and support its heavy leaves. Make sure to use a well-draining soil mix, and choose a pot with drainage holes to prevent water from sitting in the soil and causing root rot.

    If you don't want to re-pot the plant or use support structures, you can try pruning the leaves. Trim off the heavy leaves near the base of the plant, leaving a small stem attached to the main stem. This will help the plant redirect its energy to growing new leaves and prevent the remaining leaves from bending over the edge of the pot.

    In terms of temperature, Aloe Vera plants prefer warm temperatures and can be sensitive to cold. If you need to move your plant, make sure to do so gradually and avoid exposing it to temperatures below 50°F (10°C).

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