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Begonia tubers - getting them started

I've received a pack of Begonia tubers and the leaflet that comes with them is suggesting putting them in a bag of moist compost in the airing cupboard to start them off.  I've grown Begonias for years but have never heard of this, has anyone else tried it?


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    @The Bird Lady Just bumping up your thread for you, although you only posted yesterday, as it has now moved off the front page and may get missed.  :)
  • Cheers!   :D:D
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    I am always worried about giving heat to start things early because I have nowhere to move them to. Apart from my already densely packed windowsills. Airing cupboard to unheated glasshouse would be too big a step...
  • Well, I am amazed at how well this has worked!  As instructed, I put the tubers in a bag of compost and then into the airing cupboard.  I had a quick check today and 8 out of 10 tubers have decent shoots on already!  I've potted those up and put the others back in the airing cupboard for a while longer.  The potted ones are staying in the house until the weather warms up.  I'm so pleased because I purchased some tubers last year (online, different supplier) and not one of them sprouted.  
  • That's good! Forgive my ignorance, but was your compost dry or damp?
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  • Slightly damp.  :)
  • Sorry  Jenny_Aster, I should have explained further - I put the corms into a plastic bag with some moist compost and tied the top which helped stop the compost from drying out. Then I left it at the bottom of the airing cupboard.  I have grown Begonias for many years and this is the first time I've tried this method, I was very pleased with the result!
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