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Island beds - pros and cons, your thoughts please!



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    In a small to medium garden, if you want to avoid a ‘bitty’ look it’s better for the lawn to be a regular ‘formal’ shape or series of shapes and to fill the spaces around the lawn/s with plants … this is because the area of just one colour has considerable impact and will draw the eye and distract if it meanders around the beds.  
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    LunarSea, I love the look of your garden. Everyone will have different tastes of course, but the different dobbles of colour everywhere look beautiful to me (in a sea of green lawn). I would love to explore that at ground level, not knowing what lay in any direction.

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    I'd leave it or make the borders you already have bigger. 
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    My two penn'orth is that I would either leave it, or forget the idea of a lawn entirely and make the grass into paths (ie form the island bed shape by thinking of paths around it, rather than an island in the lawn).
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    @Plantminded I sense some restlessness and the possibility of a project ? I completely get it!

    Island borders can be difficult to plant up. From one angle the planting looks right but take a walk to the other side and something seems wrong. Getting it right can take time and involve moving plants as I have found out in the past. Putting the tallest plants in  the centre can look too managed rather than natural. Repeat planting either side can help bring things together. Also planting with annuals such as cosmos year one, through the whole border can give drama ,whilst other more permanent plants settle. Viewing from a distance can be helpful as you can view the border as a whole and check that the planting is balanced.

    Your garden is beautiful as it is but if you really decide to go for it to get the benefit of deeper soil, another idea might be a circular area in the middle, of either lawn with stepping stones to it and maybe in time a permeable alternative. You can plant deeply into the corners to give height. With the passage through the centre of the space. This strong central shape will anchor it all together.

    Good Luck with whatever you decide, any opportunity to grow more plants as I am sure you would agree, a bonus. Suze.

    Just to add I have seen Imperata cylindricaRubra weaved from the front to the centre of an island border. Would probably work with other plants too.

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    punkdoc said:
    bédé, which part of your post about avatars, do you consider not to be rude?
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    Well all of it really.  You tell me which parts you think are.  

    Was the last sentence a threat?  I'm not sure if I want to be part of any forum sharing your negativity.  (Well I am sure, actually.).

    What are you going to do about it?
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    So calling other people’s avatars isn’t rude then?
    No, obviously I am not threatening you, I have no idea who you are, but I do know you are rude consistently.
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