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Aeonium Velour

jcase1664jcase1664 Posts: 26
Hi, I have a Aeonium Velour that I have brought indoors for the winter. It has started to drop leaves like crazy. Is this normal?? Not sure if I should be watering it or not.


  • jcase1664jcase1664 Posts: 26

  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 1,895
    We have 2 (don't know which type as from a cutting). They are in our unheated garden room. One sent up a huge flower spike in December. Both do drop their leaves but not all the time. Yes we do water but this time of the year maybe once a month but sparingly.
    Maybe yours is dropping more leaves as it is in a different environment...from outdoors to indoors with heating. Maybe drying out too fast?
  • coccinellacoccinella Luxembourg Posts: 510
    It should be OK, don't worry. As @bertrand-mabel says it could be the sudden change in temperature. Water very sparingly every 3/4 weeks, with ever so slight tepid water. They don't like a cold bath, although I don't always oblige :) 
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  • bédébédé Surrey Hills, acid greensand.Posts: 1,329
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    Don't water at all until it starts to grow.  Very dry compost id what you need.  It will take any water it needs from the lower leaves, which will then dry and you can then tidy them away.

    Conflicting advice?  That's the way it goes.
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  • jcase1664jcase1664 Posts: 26
    Thanks everyone.
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