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Tolerance to shade

Afternoon all,

did some work in my garden last year which means i now have a bigger L shaped growing area. The patch doesn't receive equal amounts of sun, the bottom of the L will get a good 10-11hrs in mid summer, whereas the side of the L only gets 5-6hrs from 08.00 to 14.00. I'm planning on focusing on growing leeks, onions, carrots, beetroot, broccoli, lettuce and garlic. This link ( indicates leeks, carrots, beetroot and broccoli will all be tolerant of some shade. 

Which of those above are most likely to grow OK with just 5-6hrs of sun?


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,551
    All your chosen vegetables will do well in some shade so the most important thing for you to consider is rotation groups and soil preparation to make the most of your resources. 

    Crops tend to be rotated by type so roots, brassicas, legumes (peas and beans) and the potato family - spuds, tomatoes, peppers.  You add compost/manure or lime before planting particular groups.   You may want to add another group if you decide to try courgettes, squashes and pumpkins and leave the sunniest spot for permanent veggies such as asparagus and globe artichokes and you may want to cosider rhubarb, blackcurrants and redcurrants as low maintenance fruit crops which are happy in shade..

    Have a read of this explanation - 
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