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sweet peas from seed - when to take outside

puschkiniapuschkinia BrightonPosts: 200
Hi everyone

I grew quite a few sweet peas from seed last year for the first time, sowing at several points between Autumn and Spring. They grew beautifully and I had lots of lovely plants, but I can't remember exactly how I grew them

I've got some plants I sowed in Autumn, which I put out into my raised cold frame after germination. They were mauled to death by snails within a week. I don't think they can be saved.

I've now sown more and they're pretty leggy, but hopefully not too awful. They're still inside and I'm pretty sure they need to go out asap (one is a hand's length tall with ~6 leaves or so. So, very leggy). Can anyone advise on when they should go out? And whether there's anything I should be doing to protect them from the snails?



  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,058
    Keep them inside[unheated] and keep pinching them out. That helps the remain bushy until conditions are suitable for proper growth.
    Far too early for them to go out if you've had them inside since germination. You'll probably have to wait until around mid March to harden them off, but it depends entirely on your climate. They're hardy, but vulnerable to extremes of weather. A few degrees of frost or some heavy rain isn't a problem for big, sturdy plants, but not small vulnerable ones. 
    Slugs/snails are always a problem, so you'll have to decide on the best course for your site. I don't sow until March. Much easier to get them thriving before going out. Even then, plants in borders can get annihilated, so it's pots for most of mine. They don't go out until May, apart from hardening off, and that depends on how well grown they are. In a border they usually go out later. 
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