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Greenhouse circulation



  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 2,652
    dbhattuk said:
    I plan to do some DIY, and put some vents in. Will also try and keep the door open to aid air circulation, hoping ninja squirrels don't get in. At the moment there are no plants in the greenhouse, so not a issue. 
    If you have ( or can easily lay your hands on ) some twilweld/chicken wire, perhaps make a screen to fit in the doorway when open ?  The squirrels may find it harder to gain access - at least until you get your GH built.  Good luck :)
  • dbhattukdbhattuk Posts: 96
    @bédé, thanks. ohhh so tempting. I have had the ninja squirrel family for over 30 years. They maybe cute but with constant irritants. I am mainly a container gardener and have about 90 pots on the patio in the summer. They have visited each one and regularly destroy a pot or two. I use netting which works on the whole. They get into every nook and cranny. Tried all the tricks in the book to deter them, no luck. So I have get used to them, and let them do their thing, not too bothered now, they have a need too. They often sit on the fence staring at me and i am sure thinking I am a trespasser and what i am doing in their garden. Thank fully I don't have a rats issue. ohhh highs and lows of gardening I guess.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,303
    I used to use a similar screen to what @philippasmith2 describes, on the door of mine when the tomatoes were in them. It was magpies stealing the fruits  [the squirrels had plenty of other places to go] so that allowed air flow and ventilation, but stopped anything  getting in.  :)
    A simple frame of battens with the chicken wire, or netting stapled on, would do the job well.  :)
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  • dbhattukdbhattuk Posts: 96
    @Fairygirl, @philippasmith2, aww thank you, screen is a great idea. I have some netting, so will give that a go for sure. Solves the ventilation and air flow, that is wonderful. thank you so much.
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