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Move cherry or use root barrier?

Hello all, hoping someone with experience might have an idea of the best course of action! I (stupidly) planted a small Prunus Kwanzan about 2.5 years ago too close to the neighbours as it turns out. There's about 5m to their porch but since then have read it should really be minimum of 10m to anything structural. Am I better off digging it up now to relocate or would sticking root barrier along the boundary do anything? I do like it but not if it's going to be a potential nuisance. Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • Move it now! While it is comparatively small and easy. The roots haven't had time to spread or become too established. They also have a bad habit of throwing suckers if the base is knocked by anything.
  • ontopofthehillontopofthehill IrelandPosts: 41
    Thanks Joyce. Will dig it out asap.
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