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Things you don't grow but would if you had the space



  • The thread has gone a bit of a different route to what I intended not that that's a bad thing. It's nice to see people letting their imagination out. So please continue to do so.

    My thoughts for the thread was more along the lines of things that we don't grow because we can't justify the position, things that don't flower for long but take up the best positions, things that take forever to get going and flower or finicky plants that just aren't worth it even though they may be glorious.

    I've not really thought about things for an unlimited space like the rest of you. I do know if I had several acres I could easily fill it and probably want more space still.

  • I would love a paulowonia tree. There is one in a local park near me but I have never seen any seed pods or seedlings around it.
  • NormandyLizNormandyLiz Posts: 190
    I have space, I'm just short of things, ideas and energy. 

    I have always wanted a cherry tree. Not an ornamental one, a proper fruiting cherry tree (or 2, or 3). Not a space issue, but sadly I have a small dog that loves eating anything, including cherries (he'll go for fallen wild cherries) and I can just imagine the vet bill for removing a heap of cherry stones from a dog's stomach.

    I would also love a proper greenhouse but I can't think of a suitable location or a way of persuading my husband that it's a really good idea, honest.

  • DaveGreigDaveGreig Posts: 56
    Magnolia x solangeana that I couldn’t afford back in 1984 instead of the Acer platanoides that I could. Magnolias were very expensive back then so compromises had to be made. I now have to pollard the acer to subdue it and let light in where the Magnolia would have been a perfect size by now. (In my minds eye at least).

    Space and time? Getting the spacing right is probably one of the most difficult things about gardening in my humble opinion. 

    Yeh, I know I’m not answering the question.

  • SuesynSuesyn Posts: 624
    I would love a beech wood but any sort of wooded area would be lovely. 
  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze Posts: 3,588
    @Suesyn I am lucky enough to live next to a wood. It is a great borrowed landscape. No beech trees but full of wildlife. The plants I grow are on the wildside too which seems to work well.

    A garden is an oasis for creation, available to anyone with a little space and the compunction to get their hands dirty.

    Dan Pearson
  • Slow-wormSlow-worm Posts: 1,140
    Wisteria, beech trees, weeping willows and silver birches. In fact I'd love a wood, or just a copse.
    Not a chance here! 😄
  • bédébédé Posts: 1,790
    The thread has gone a bit of a different route to what I intended 

    So I thought I would start a new thread: "The one (perhaps two) thing you would grow when you have little space."  
      location: Surrey Hills, England, cretaceous acidic sand.
    "Have nothing in your garden that you don't know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
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