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Repotting House plants.



  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 1,986
    edited 15 January
    I had problems with fungus gnats with another brand of compost mix @Balgay.Hill but Westland has been fine.  It's best to buy from a reliable garden centre with a regular turnaround of stock - not bags piled up on the floor and subject to dampness caused by staff cleaning the floors and watering neighbouring plants!
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  • RubypopRubypop Posts: 22
    Oh heck... Which way do I go... Some serious thinking here! Thanks guys for all your input x
  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 1,986
    @rubypop, if you buy a ready mixed compost, open the bag and decant the contents onto a tray or flat surface first.  If anything flies out, put the compost back in the bag and take it back for a refund.  The compost should also smell pleasantly earthy, not mouldy which can indicate problems.  A poor quality compost may also contain gnat fly larvae or eggs which won’t appear until later but a good brand will be produced under controlled conditions to prevent these.  
    Wirral. Sandy, free draining soil.
  • Slow-wormSlow-worm Posts: 1,147
    I've always bought general houseplant compost, but I don't have any plants which are high maintenance. I usually add a bit of gravel or small pebbles in the bottom of the pot. I only ever managed to murder African Violets, everything else has been fine. 😄
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